7 Ways to Stop Living with Negativity and Be More Positive ...

In these difficult modern times, it can often feel like there is no positivity to be found no matter what direction you look. Social media is full arguments, Facebook is full of fake news, and the newspapers are full of a combination of the two! It’s important to try to keep your chin up in times like this, because if you let it get you down, you might never come back up! Here are seven ways to be more positive on a daily basis.

1. Gratitude Journal

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Something that can give you a more positive outlook on life is taking the time to write down all the things that you are grateful for on any given day. Doing so can help to give you some clearer perspective on the positives in your life, and therefore will make you a more positive person in general, seeking out the good rather than dwelling on the bad.

2. Embrace Negativity

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This is all about not simply accepting bad things when they happen to you, but rather embracing them as learning opportunities and lessons to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes again. Every cloud has a silver lining, you just have to seek it out in the darkness.

3. Rethink Happiness

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It might be a case of you having to sit down with yourself and have a serious think about what constitutes happiness for you. Are your goals and ambitions too high for your current circumstances? Perhaps if you start setting smaller targets for yourself, you can build positivity but ticking them off more regularly.


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Try to adopt the ABCDE approach, and this stands for adversity, belief, consequences, dispute, and energise. This is a tried and tested positive psychology method that challenges you to change your interpretation of events and how they make you feel. Those are the keywords that you need to have in mind: disputing what you think is a negative and seeing if you can energise it into becoming some sort of positive.

5. No Self Help Books

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Don’t buy into the hype of self help books. Although there are interesting but these books are just more ways you can find to beat yourself up if your try their methods and they don’t work. You have to find your own way to positivity, not try to copy someone else’s.

6. Don’t Force It

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It never works if you set out with the mindset of trying to force yourself to find a positive in absolutely everything, because some things are just truly negative! On these occasions, it is much better to just remove yourself from the situation to find positivity elsewhere rather than sticking it out in a bad environment.

7. Outlets

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Sometimes out of sight really does mean out of mind, so make the effort to find hobbies and activities that can become regular habits for you. Anything that can give you a few hours of distraction and fun a week is perfect for building feelings of positivity in and around your life.

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