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10 Perfect Ways to Stay Motivated through the End of Winter ...

By Emily

Are you looking for ways to stay motivated in winter?
Chances are you and millions of other women made New Year’s resolutions a few weeks ago, right? If you’re anything like me, your motivation slips away with the cold and you find that staying up late to watch the new Netflix show Black Mirror is just a little more interesting than say, getting up at five am to do yoga or pre-cooking your breakfasts for the week.

Hopefully, you’ve been sticking with it, but if that’s not the case, here are 10 ways to stay motivated in winter.

1 Turn off Electronics

Not only is surfing the net before bed hurting your sleep cycle, it keeps your brain busy. And sleep is the key to having the energy to stay motivated. Putting your phone up before bedtime is one of the best ways to stay motivated in winter.

2 Create a Motivation Board

Keeping the reasons for your resolutions front and center is a great motivator. It can be on Pinterest, but a good old-fashioned collage (you remember those from your junior high locker door, right?) are a fun and creative way to remind yourself of what you’re striving for.

3 Stretch before Work

I’m not talking about doing a 90-minute hardcore yoga routine, (unless you’re into that). But, getting loose and limber before you trudge to the office can help you stay happy and motivated through the rest of the day.

4 Pre-plan Your Menus

If you don’t want to take up half of your Sunday pre-cooking meals, pre-plan a menu and recipes, and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. A sure-fire way to dump the diet is when we get annoyed when we don’t have what we need on hand. We end up reaching for the cell to order pizza instead of dragging ourselves out to the store.

5 Do You Hygge?

You’ve probably read about the Danish custom Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”) somewhere in recent months. Creating an atmosphere of calm and peace in your home, or at least in one room of the house, can go a long way toward keeping your sanity. If you’re sane, chances are you won’t reach for the margarita mix or sangria bottle more than usual.

6 Get out of the House

Yes, even in the snow. Fresh air and sunshine can improve your mood more than you realize. Go for a walk outside instead of on the treadmill. Too cold? Walk around the mall without spending money. Just being around people can help your mood.

7 Keep Dates with Your S.O. and Your BFFs

It’s way too easy to hide away like a hermit during the winter months, but if you keep work out dates or grocery shopping trips with your S.O. or friends, you’ll be more likely to keep up your fitness routine or healthy shopping trips. We don’t like to buy a five-gallon drum of ice cream in front of other people, do we?

8 Go to the Library

Free books. What more can I say? Not only is the library a great place to get free books (just remember to return them), most libraries have fun classes that can get you out and among people again, and not just book clubs. You can take yoga classes, arts and craft classes, computer classes, you name it.

9 Have a Day Just for You

Play "Swap the Kids" with your S.O., grandparents, or another parent, so that you have a few hours to do something that’s just for you. Next time, it’s your turn to watch the kids, so be prepared!

10 Be Accountable

Having someone on your side, rooting for you to succeed, can make all the difference. And you can return the favor by rooting for them. And it’s not all just about weight loss. Encourage someone to save money or travel more.

How will you stay motivated until spring?

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