Simple ✌️ Ways to Stay Inspired 🌟 to Be Happy πŸ˜ƒ in Life 🌎 ...

We all want to be happy and feel like we’re moving forward in life. That's why every girl needs ways to stay inspired to be happy in life.

Oftentimes a lackluster schedule and poor lifestyle choices can suck the life right out of us! So here are some practical things each one of us can do to be more effective and enjoy life to the fullest - your list of ways to stay inspired to be happy in life waits right here, so keep reading.

1. Wake up Early

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I find that I can be the most effective in the morning if I get a jump-start on my day. We’ve all said, β€œthere's not enough time in the day,” but there is! We just don't utilize it. And getting up early is one of the best ways to stay inspired to be happy in life.

I used to wait until the very last minute to wake up for work. Now, I go to bed early, which allows me to wake up earlier and start my day off right.

First, I drink water, put on some exercise gear and break a sweat for about 25 minutes. Then, I eat breakfast, work on my blog, shower, and get ready for work. Since I started waking up early, I have been so much more efficient and energetic. Try it, it works!

2. Create a Schedule

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This step is extremely important if you really want to be successful in whatever you do. Creating a schedule for myself is how I make sure that I'm getting things done.

I make a practice of writing things down in my planner every day so I am not forgetting anything. I love to be able to check these things off at the end of the day.

I encourage you to get a planner to keep track of your tasks from day to day. Try to prepare a daily schedule for yourself and think ahead for the week. You will find that you are much more effective when you plan ahead and write things down.

3. Trash in, Trash out

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Staying healthy is extremely important if you want to be effective, have energy and enjoy life. Therefore, don't go on diet after diet. Instead, create a lifestyle change.

Change the way you think about food and health. Since I started paying attention to what I eat, I have so much more energy and I physically feel better.

Make sure you’re eating foods that will give you energy, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and don’t skip meals! Packing a lunch for myself helps me to stay healthy. I make sure to pack not only my main meal, but also healthy snacks that I can eat throughout the day.

When you put good things in your body, you feel better and you have the energy to do more.

Also, exercise is very important. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an athletic person. Although through consistent practice, I have learned to appreciate exercising and enjoy working up a sweat. It makes me feel healthier, more energetic and relaxed.

4. Stay Inspired

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Before I felt the need to make all of these changes, I had to be inspired to change my routine and my thinking. This means consuming information that challenges you to think differently and inspires you to make changes.

I do this by reading books and watching inspirational podcasts and lifestyle videos. In particular, I read a lot of self-help books.

If you're a person who's afraid to take risks or put yourself out there, I would recommend the book "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear." This book teaches you how to connect with your creative side and gain the courage to do the things that bring you joy.

Another way I stay inspired is through watching inspirational videos and podcasts. My favorite app for podcasts is Podbean. They have a podcast for just about every subject you can imagine, especially if you’re looking to be inspired.

YouTube is always a great resource if you’re looking for fun videos that can also inspire lifestyle changes. Lavendaire is a very popular lifestyle blogger who creates great videos on everything from organization tips to how to be more productive.

There are infinite resources out there that can get you inspired. Therefore take the time to find a good book or video that will inspire you to make some changes.

Remember, you want to be a person who lives life intentionally and with a purpose!

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