4. Stay Inspired

Before I felt the need to make all of these changes, I had to be inspired to change my routine and my thinking. This means consuming information that challenges you to think differently and inspires you to make changes.

I do this by reading books and watching inspirational podcasts and lifestyle videos. In particular, I read a lot of self-help books.

If you're a person who's afraid to take risks or put yourself out there, I would recommend the book "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear." This book teaches you how to connect with your creative side and gain the courage to do the things that bring you joy.

Another way I stay inspired is through watching inspirational videos and podcasts. My favorite app for podcasts is Podbean. They have a podcast for just about every subject you can imagine, especially if you’re looking to be inspired.

YouTube is always a great resource if you’re looking for fun videos that can also inspire lifestyle changes. Lavendaire is a very popular lifestyle blogger who creates great videos on everything from organization tips to how to be more productive.

There are infinite resources out there that can get you inspired. Therefore take the time to find a good book or video that will inspire you to make some changes.

Remember, you want to be a person who lives life intentionally and with a purpose!

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