7 Ways to Start Feeling like Your Life Has a Purpose ...

Feeling like your life has no purpose can be frustrating. You might go about your day aimlessly, and you might have few goals for yourself. This can trigger stress, anxiety and a bad mood. But fortunately, there are ways to lift your spirit and start feeling like your life has a purpose.

1. Find a Reason to Get out of Bed

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If you don't have a reason to get out of bed every day, you may feel like your life has no purpose. You don't have to be happy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But if you have people in your life, activities, or if you're working toward a goal, this provides motivation and you'll become a happier person.

2. Change Your Career Path

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If you're in a dead-end job that's going nowhere, you may feel like your life has no purpose. The solution can be as simple as re-evaluating your life and choosing a different career path. You might have to go back to school and take additional courses. But if you get proactive and take steps to change your life, you'll feel better about yourself. Don't expect an overnight fix. It takes time to prepare for a new career.

3. Follow Your Passion

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While you're re-evaluating your career, it's important to follow your passion. Some people choose a certain career only because they'll earn a sizable salary and they have zero interest in the field. If possible, don't only work to earn a paycheck. Choose a job or career you're passionate about in order to feel like you're making a difference. If a career change isn't an option at this time, explore hobbies you're passionate about.

4. Help Others

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If you feel like your life has no purpose, maybe you're too involved in selfish pursuits. Some people have found purpose using their energy, time and resources to help others. Understandably, your time might be limited. But if you can spend a few hours each week volunteering or helping someone in need, you can feel like you're making a difference, which can give your life added purpose.

5. Develop Relationships

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It might feel like your life has no purpose when you don't have close relationships with others. Maybe you're busy and can't spend a lot of time with your family, or maybe you've lost touch with your friends after college. Whatever the reason, work toward strengthening your existing relationships and developing new ones. This can alleviate any feelings of loneliness and help you feel better about life.

6. Reflect on the Good You've Done in Your Life

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Sometimes, we are too hard on ourselves. If you feel your life has no purpose, take time and reflect on the good you've done. From this list, you might come to realize your life has more purpose than you think.

7. Talk with a Friend and Get Support

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If you're feeling down, it might be hard to identify your good traits and strengths. At a time like this, you need support from a close friend or a family member. Talk about your feelings and get reassurance. This person can put the situation in perspective and help you realize your life does have a purpose.

There's plenty you can do if you feel like your life has no purpose. Thinking more positively about yourself is a good start. But if you're having difficulty changing your mindset, speaking with a friend can provide the encouragement you need.

What are other ways to start feeling like your life has a purpose?

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