7 Ways to Show Thanks This Holiday Season ...


7 Ways to Show Thanks This Holiday Season ...
7 Ways to Show Thanks This Holiday Season ...

As Thanksgiving approaches it is more important than ever to focus on the ways to show thanks. We take life for granted one day to the next without even realizing it. And on holidays we are often caught up in goodwill looking for ways to help others and express that we are thankful. So here are a few ways to show thanks and appreciation for all that you have:

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Help others and show you are thankful by volunteering your time at a soup kitchen. You can volunteer to serve food to the homeless, knit blankets for a children’s hospital, help out a local cancer charity, or any other local charity. This is one of the best ways to show thanks and gratitude for all that you have.


Donate Blood

Visit your local Red Cross or blood bank to donate blood. Your donation can save a life and this is a great way to show thanks. Health is wealth so why not share this treasure with someone in need of blood?


Write Parents a Letter

A simple letter to your parents expressing how grateful you are has a great deal of meaning to them. As a mom I understand because I save all my heartfelt letters from my children. Let you parents know why you are thankful and emphasize this recognition. This letter will touch their hearts and years down the road, they will look at this and reflect.



I know most people do not talk about politics or religion but I am not most people. I am very outspoken and I always tell it like it is. So here goes! If you are not religious that is your own decision but I chose to be religious and I am thankful. I have not always been religious. There were many years I thought I could not find time to focus on religion but then I set my priorities. Prayer is a great ways to give thanks and this can be done at home, church or anywhere you choose.


Write a Poem

Express your gratitude to your loved one in a poem by pouring your heart out in passion. By showing your thanks you will help your significant other to see you in a new light. Make sure you write this letter out of love and gratitude. And if you also like to sing, why not add a melody and sing this song to your loved one?


Say It out Loud

If you are not a writer, no biggie, but why not express your thanks out loud? By expressing your gratitude you will make the receiver feel special and recognized. You will also feel great by being open. This is a simple, yet sweet gesture that anyone would love!


Show Your Affection

Smiles and hugs are free affection that everyone can share. How could anyone not love a hug? So go ahead, hug a friend, and smile at your friends and neighbors because this simple gesture of gratitude goes along way!

I hope my tips on the ways to give thanks help you to express your gratitude this holiday season. Remember the simple gestures go a long way. And people remember the simple gestures of thankfulness for many years to come. So now that you have all my tips, how will you express your gratitude and thankfulness this holiday season?

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I completely agree! But really these kinds of things should happen year round! Not particularly on a certain day. We should always be Thankful

I try to take time every morning to be grateful for all my blessings, and I pray a lot and very much believe in it.

Thank you for including prayer. Religion is a touchy subject but a number of people practice their faith through it and it's nice to acknowledge that!

Very well said I have to admit that I start every day giving thanks for all the small blessings in my life, and promise that I will do one thing better and one thing different each day

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