7 Ways to Prevent Your Shortcomings from Holding You Back in Life ...

Do you ever feel like your shortcomings are holding you back? That is something that can happen. All of us want to be our best and use our full potential. This is true in every aspect of life, personal or professional. Let’s talk about some ways to prevent your shortcomings from holding you back.

1. Reevaluate Them

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The first thing you should do when feel your shortcomings are holding you back is reevaluate them. What you think of as shortcomings may be something that is actually an asset. Others may find that particular trait charming or endearing. Before you get hung up on what you can do about a shortcoming, really examine it. You may find it isn’t a shortcoming at all.

2. Use Them to Your Advantage

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If you truly have what you feel is a shortcoming, find a way to use it to your advantage. Perhaps you are a person that is always full of high energy and it can be something that has proved to cause a problem in areas of your life. Try to find a career that personality trait will be beneficial for. An example would be a paramedic or other emergency personnel that thrives on that sort of energy. What you have to do is find a way to make your shortcoming work to your advantage, whatever the trait is.

3. Explore Them

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Sometimes it can be helpful to explore your shortcoming. Observe why you are that way. Is it a trait that is just part of your personality or is it something that is triggered by certain situations? If you can learn about what goes on behind your shortcoming, you can start to make headway with conquering it if it truly is troubling and is not benefiting you. This can be a long process so be patient with yourself.

4. Work on Them

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Once you have gained some insight into your shortcoming, you can begin to work on changing that part of yourself. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It may begin by just catching yourself acting or reacting in a certain way. Then it could be that you start thinking of different ways to conduct yourself. Lastly, you will begin to put new actions into practice.

5. Act in Spite of Them

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While you can work on your shortcomings, they may never completely go away. After all, they are a part of you. One thing you can do is choose to act in spite of them, though. Perhaps you are painfully shy but you choose to fake being more outgoing. You can choose to act in spite of your shortcomings by forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

6. Embrace Them

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Having shortcomings does not always mean that you need to change. Sometimes it is best to just embrace them. Realize they are a part of you. They are part of the specific characteristics that make you uniquely you. Realize that you have as many and most likely more positive traits than you do negative ones.

7. Seek Help

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If your shortcoming is something that causes you significant pain and emotional turmoil then it may be time to seek professional help. This can help you to overcome them or at least make peace with them. This is a decision that only you can make. Another sign you should reach out for help is if your shortcomings are causing tension and stress in many of your relationships. Professional help can help you to restore harmony to your relationships and your life.

We all have shortcomings. That is just part of being human. What shortcomings have been an issue for you in your own life?

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