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If you move to a new city, you have to be creative when looking for ways to make new friends, especially if you're not moving because of school. Being in a new city is hard enough just in and of itself, and not having friends nearby to help you adjust is even harder. If you're new to a job, try to make friends at work, join a club somewhere, join a gym.

I always equate making new friends as an adult (and especially as a mom) to dating and even more so if you're in a new city. You have the awkward introductory phase where you're trying to get to know each other, then the more comfortable phase, and then the full blown friendship that makes y'all tight AF.

Just try to do what you can to follow the tips on this list below to make friends in your new city no time.

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Don’t Hibernate

You cannot hibernate when you move to a new city if you want to make new friends. It can be tempting to do so when you know no one and nothing about the area where you have found yourself but you need to throw yourself out into your new world otherwise you'll spend all your time alone. One of the best ways to make new friends is to just be out where people are. This greatly ups your odds over hiding out at home.

Not adventurous enough to do that? Say hi to a new neighbor! This is a smaller setting and allows you the ability to recluse back to your own home quickly.



When you do go to places where people gather be sure to mingle. Don’t be afraid to talk to others. Don't just sit in the corner like a bump on a log... Strike up new conversations. Yes, it can be scary, but every great and close friendship has to start with a first conversation. Compliment a girl on her outfit, if she's wearing a band tee or movie tee you can always bring it up (if you know about it) and try to start a convo about a common interest. Just remember, this one scary moment of initiating a conversation with someone new is minimal to the lifetime of joy you may get out of the friendship.


Be Intentional

If you want to make a new friend, be on the lookout for a potential friend. In other words, be intentional. If there is a mom you seem to connect with at your child’s preschool events, ask her if she would like to get coffee sometime. Invite her and her child over for a play date. These little steps can really help a friendship to take off.


Look for Activities to Join

The more active you are, the greater your chances of making friends. Join activities whenever you can. Being involved in things gives you more opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Find a community sports team, take up a book club, heck even take an exercise class of some kind! Striking up a conversation with someone there after the event could open a door to a great friendship.


Be Friendly

If you want to have a friend, be friendly! I struggle making friends because I suffer from extreme RBF. I always have to make it a point when meeting new people to make sure I am extra friendly, extra smiley (but not creepy) and extra kind. It eliminates the impression people get from the RBF and has helped me make a lot of friends.

Another great tip in being friendly is to be conversational and open to any opportunities to make a new friend. Make sure you don't look desperate though like you're trying too hard. Being the best version of yourself will allow you to attract the right people when you are looking to make new friends in a new city.


Be Outgoing

If you want to make new friends you cannot be a wallflower. Be outgoing! Sure, this ties in with the friendly aspect listed above, but seriously, you can't expect to make friends if you're secluded and alone all the time. You can even manage to be outgoing if it doesn't come natural to you; just stretch a bit. I know this because I am a natural introvert but I can push myself to be outgoing when the situation deems necessary.


Keep up Your Old Friendships

While you are out looking for new friendships, you don’t need to forget your old ones. Your old friendships are important to you. They are a part of you, your life and your history. Not only that but they can give you support from afar. They can be your support line until you find new friendships to start leaning on, too.

I'm always more outgoing when one of my friends is around so inviting her to visit and go out and do things with me allows my outgoing side to come out and makes it easier to meet new people and keep it up after she leaves.

Moving to a new city is hard and making new friends is even harder. What helped you to make new friends?

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