7 Ways to Inspire Yourself when the World Seems a Bad Place ...

Do you have days when you just want to day in bed, pull the comforter up to your nose and ignore the call of the world? News of terrorist attacks, FGM, increased teenage suicide, kids dying of malaria โ€ฆ all of these things and so many more, can make you feel the world is a bad place. And those are just the big things. Add in little parochial things like not being able to get a job despite having a degree, a loved one with cancer, being snowed in and it can all pile up to feeling of despair. We know that life isnโ€™t a Disney movie but there are ways to inspire yourself when the world seems a bad place:

1. Exercise

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One of the best ways to inspire yourself when you are feeling low or stuck in a rut is to engage in some exercise. As we all know, doing physical activity releases endorphins within the body that will help to give you a boost of well-being. This exercise doesnโ€™t have to be in the form of jogging or yoga; there are plenty of fun ways to exercise including dance classes and other group orientated activities at the gym.

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