4. Watch Your Body Language

Words do not matter. One of the only ways to develop charisma correctly is through body language. Stop working on your words and what to say, and look at how you walk, move and act. As a woman you should walk with one foot directly in front of the other. It makes your bottom wiggle from side to side as you move, but that is part of being feminine.

Stand with your back arched a little so that your bum sticks out a little and your chest sticks out a little.

Not to impress others, but because you are woman and proud. This is what you are, this is where you are, now who is worthy of YOUR time. Try walking and standing like this, and just notice how differently people treat you. Especially if you walk as if you have a tool belt on your hips, and especially if you stand as if you are waiting for a bus. Just try it once and you will find that you will learn the art of charisma a lot easier.

This is not about subjugating yourself to the ideals of women should look and act certain ways. This is about using what you have to your advantage.

Talk if You Have Something to Say
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