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Every girl should have some ways to heal after a friendship breakup. Breakups are already difficult but when your friend breaks up with you, it can be soul crushing. According to Lena Dunham’s character from HBO’s Girls, β€œA friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance.” And she couldn’t be further than the truth. A friend isn’t just some person you picked up in a bar, or met on a dating app. A friend is someone who’ll be there no matter what, won’t screw you over, and tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking when you lose a friend, and why it’s so important to mourn this loss. Thus here are some ways to heal after a friendship breakup.

1. Handle It Maturely

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Try to discuss the reasons for the breakup. See if anything can be resolved and if you can be corrigible towards one another. Express your feelings clearly and concisely with your friend, and if nothing else, try to end on peaceful terms. If you are part of a friend group, try not to let the conflict spread to the rest of the group. Or try to explain to the group what happened, and assure them that you both can be friends with the group, but not with each other. This is one of the best ways to heal after a friendship breakup.

2. Put Some Distance between You Two

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As with any breakup, you’ll want to stalk them on social media, but don’t! Personally, I don’t agree with blocking someone or deleting them as your friend; however, if you know that you can’t handle seeing their life go on without you, then maybe it’s best you remove your ex-friend digitally from your life. However, an alternative would be to just turn off your notifications, so that you don’t see what’s happening in their life. Also, consider getting out of the area. If you and your friend live in the same neighborhood, or even the same city, you may run into one another, and that can be awkward. So give yourself some space and travel for a while. Plan a vacation or visit with family, relocate away from your ex-friend for the time being.

3. Acknowledge Your Loss

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As with any loss, you must come to terms with it. There are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and then acceptance. Not necessarily in that order, but acceptance is the stage you’ll want to get to. Do allow yourself some time to process your feelings. Talk to your partner, your family, a therapist, maybe even go to a confessional (couldn’t hurt). Most important, make sure you stay healthy mentally and physically.

4. Maybe It’s a Good Thing

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Take this time to reflect and learn from the breakup. Identify some habits or behaviors you have that led to the friendship ending. Review your existing friendships and see which areas you could improve upon and areas you excel in. Also, think about reconnecting with childhood friends or people you’ve lost touch with. Another thing to consider is picking up new hobbies that you never considered with your ex-friend. Explore who you are now without this person and maybe you’ll discover someone entirely new. Become an even better you that your ex-friend will be sad they ever let you go.


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