7 Ways to Give Back More ...

Sometimes there comes a point in your life when it becomes very clear that you need to find ways to give back more. It may be that something is missing in your life or that everything is fine and you simply want to help. Whether you feel like you have more than enough or feel like it’s crumbling around you, giving back to others who truly need is a miraculous way to not only help but to feel better. If you’ve been looking for ways to give back more you’ve come to the right place!

1. Volunteer

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One of the easiest ways to give back is to volunteer. Find a cause that you feel connected to in some way. Maybe you’re an animal lover and want to help find homes for rescued dogs and cats? Maybe you’re a women’s rights supporter and want to canvas for Planned Parenthood? The key is to find the right fit and contact them. The easiest way is usually through a couple of clicks on their website.

2. Canvas

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Canvassing is going door to door and attempting to get signatures from people for a cause. It can also be done in public areas, like markets, etc. It can be frustrating work but it’s the quickest and most direct way of supporting a cause by literally going face to face. You can also be asked to cold call. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it if you really believe in it.

3. Sign a Petition

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This is a really easy and gratifying way to give back. Many websites ask for your email so that they can have you electronically sign petitions. It only takes a couple of clicks to add your name to a petition that you believe in, but maybe didn’t know about. Not only will you have helped, you’ll feel great knowing you did something helpful in around 2 minutes.

4. Babysit

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This may not seem life changing to you, but to a mom this can be a lifesaver. Just imagine the free time you might have right now not having kids. Now imagine how much your friend might miss that or how she and her partner haven’t been able to go on a date, much less been alone in who knows how long? Offer to give back and babysit for your friends. They’ll thank you for it!

5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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This is another option that can be done easily from home or outside of it. Volunteer for clean up acts for your local parks, rivers and ocean. Check on your state or city’s website for groups that help do this. Or, plant a tree in your front yard, try walking or carpooling to work, buy your food locally from farmers markets and absolutely recycle.

6. Donate

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Find an organization that you’re passionate about and have a monthly amount donated from your account. Every month you’ll be helping the needs of a cause that you believe in. The best part is that you’ll be giving back without even noticing it, which can free you up to do even more to help!

7. Give Back

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Giving blood, donating your hair to Locks of Love or even donating bone marrow is literally giving of yourself to help someone who really needs it. It’s a selfless and appreciated way of helping. The best news is that you can always give more… Once you’ve made it.

Giving back can be done in so many ways. It really is one of the most gratifying experiences to know that you’re helping your fellow man. I hope this helps spark some ideas. Have you been giving back? Leave a comment and tell us what you’re doing!

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