Fab πŸ‘Œ Ways for Ladies to Pull Themselves πŸ’ͺ out of a Funk πŸ˜” ...

It’s so hard to go day to day feeling like you’re in a funk, but there are lots of ways to get out of a funk. You may feel like nothing you do will change things, but I assure you, with these small and easy steps, you’ll be able to feel like your old self in no time! So, here are some great ways to get out of a funk.

1. Start Small

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Gain momentum as you build. Small steps build habits. There is something out there for you, so identify what you DON'T like. Don't give up. That's one of the best ways to get out of a funk.

2. Find Some Inspiration

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Read some blogs, books, and magazines. You never know what will speak to you.

3. Make Yourself an Appointment

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Pretend it's just like going to a business meeting. Making yourself a priority is empowering.

4. Announce Publicly

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Do you want to look bad in front of others? Probably not, so let others know what your goals are so they can spur you on.

5. Make Your Bed

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This means no option to hop back into bed. A neatly made sleeping space gives you a sense of control.

6. Get Dressed

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This decreases the urge to hop back into bed, also. Laying around in your stained sweatpants is never going to get you out of a funk.

7. Stop Negative Self-talk

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Say, "I am good enough", "I am exciting", "I have so much to be grateful for", "I will find a man", "I am pretty"...

8. Don't Take Criticism to Heart

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Hurting people hurt people. Once you learn not to care what other people think, you'll have all the power.

9. Buy Yourself Something New

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Remember how you felt on your first day of school? Replicate that feeling with a new outfit for work or a new set of workout clothes.

10. Regarding That Time of the Month

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Self-explanatory. It will happen whether you like it or not. Don't beat yourself up over one week every month. Pamper yourself. Maybe give yourself a manicure.

So, with all of these little building blocks, you should be out of that funk and on to those Christmas parties...happy, healthy and joyous!








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