7 Ways to Feel Beautiful without Changing Your Look ...

There are ways to feel beautiful without altering your appearance. You look amazing just the way you are, so there’s no need to change your hair or your style. Everyone can be confident with a little push. If you’re feeling low about yourself, here are a few ways to feel beautiful.

1. Create Lists

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Writing can solve anything. Jot down a list of your best traits and keep the paper in your pocket. If you have an app on your phone for notes, keep it on there instead, so that it’s always handy. One of the easiest ways to feel beautiful is to tell yourself that it’s the truth. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

2. Stand Tall

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It sounds too simple to work, but fixing your posture can make you feel more confident. If you’re slouched over, you’re not looking your best. By standing tall, you’re giving off a confident vibe. Once you start tricking other people into believing that you’re beautiful, you’ll start to believe it yourself. So stretch out your back and stop slouching!

3. Love Others

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If you’re always insulting the people around you, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous mindset. You have to stop being so negative about the world and the people in it. Start looking past strangers' flaws and start looking at their positive traits. When you notice the beauty in others, you’ll start to notice the beauty in yourself. It pays to be nice.

4. Work It out

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You don’t have to work out constantly. You don’t have to do it so that you lose weight or so your jeans fit better. Do it so that you feel better about yourself. If you’re always sitting around, you might view yourself as a lazy person. By doing something productive during the day, whether it’s working out or completing a goal of yours, you’ll feel more successful. Your inner image of yourself will soon turn into your outer image of yourself.

5. Share a Smile

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If you smile, even when you’re upset, you’re going to feel happier. When you’re happier and more positive, your self image rises. The more you smile, the more gorgeous you’ll feel. It’s such a simple thing to do, so why would you resist? Raise up the corner of your lips, and you’re already done.

6. Talk to Friends

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It might seem vain to ask your friends or boyfriend why they like you, but sometimes you need to hear a genuine answer. If they know that you’re not a confident person, then they’ll understand why you’re asking the question. When they answer, remember not to correct them. If they call you sweet or compliment your eyes, don’t say that they’re wrong. Accept what they’re saying, and try to see what they see.

7. Love to Learn

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When you learn a new life skill, your confidence rises. When your knowledge expands, so will your appreciation of yourself. You can't go through life thinking poorly of yourself. By learning new skills, you'll feel like a productive member of society. Once you feel like your personality is lovely, you'll end up thinking the same about your outer appearance.

Love yourself, and you’ll learn to love the world around you. A bit of positivity is the best cure for a sad soul. What do you like the best about your personality?

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