7 Ways to Feel Beautiful after a Bad Day ...


7 Ways to Feel Beautiful after a Bad Day ...
7 Ways to Feel Beautiful after a Bad Day ...

Get rid of that terrible bad-day feeling, and follow these ways to feel beautiful after a rough day. Life is complicated, and things don’t always go as planned. The key is to think about the ways to feel beautiful after life’s curve balls. Don’t let a bad day bring you down; it’s not worth it! Take control of your life by keeping calm, and take a look at my advice on the ways to feel beautiful when you can’t seem to keep your head up.

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Think Positive and Smile

Think Positive and Smile One of the best ways to feel beautiful is to think about all of the positive things in your life - your health, friends, family, accomplishments, etc. Remind yourself that this bad day is just a small bump in the road, and that it should not bring you down. Sometimes after a bad day, I look at some positive quotes online for encouragement and comfort. However, the most important thing is to smile! Smiling can change your whole mood. After a bad day, or hearing bad news, try smiling. While smiling, you can also think about things or events in your life that make you smile. By doing this, you will feel much better. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, it works.


Talk It out to Someone Who Will Listen

Talk It out to Someone Who Will Listen Sometimes when people are upset, they need to talk it out, and let it out of their systems. Finding someone who will listen to you rant about your horrible day will make you feel a whole lot better. Also, another way to feel beautiful is by having someone tell you so. Human beings need love and affection, especially when upset. Find that special someone who will comfort you and tell you that you are beautiful no matter what. That person will be able to make you feel beautiful when you feel down.



Exercise Exercise is a great way to release stress. I feel refreshed after each time I work out. Take that bad-day frustration out during a nice run. Your stress and anger will disappear, and your body will be re-energized.


Take a Bubble Bath

Take a Bubble Bath A bubble bath is the best remedy for after a bad day. Grab a book and read something you enjoy while relaxing in the tub. Take in the great smell and feel of a warm and cozy bath. It will drain your bad day away!


Treat Yourself to Something Yummy

Treat Yourself to Something Yummy My favorite thing to eat after a hard day is a sweet and refreshing cup of frozen yogurt. Find what food makes you happy, and eat it after a bad day. Forget the calories for one day! You deserve a treat after going through a rough time.


Go to a Spa

Go to a Spa If you can afford it, take a trip to a spa. Pamper yourself by getting a facial, massage, your nails done, or anything that makes you feel special and beautiful.


Do Something That You Enjoy

Do Something That You Enjoy Bad days can be very stressful, therefore, to counteract that feeling, do something fun! Go shopping, catch a movie, go out for a drink, or be adventurous and do something cool that you've never tried before. Your enjoyable activity or new adventure will keep your mind distracted and make you forget that you ever had a bad day in the first place.

I know bad days can be a killer, so kill it before it kills you! Don’t let it bring down your mood. Take my tips, and take control of your life. Do what it takes, and make sure that you feel beautiful after that hard day. What things do you do to make yourself feel better?

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I want that bathtub!

My advice is "don't sweat the small stuff...cause it's all small stuff".

Yes dancing is great :)

sometimes a bad day is just a bad day! you let it pass and thats it! but I do like to turn music loud and just Dannce!:) even if I dnt feel like it.

When I'm down, I always turn to music , think positive thoughts or take a nap

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