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Does fear paralyze you? What are you afraid of? Well, know you are not the only one... if that is any consolation. There are some great ways to conquer fear to move forward.

Personally, my fears are dogs and drivers who speed. I am not too ashamed to tell you. I cannot walk my neighborhood in peace. I always think a rottweiler or pit bull is going to appear out of nowhere. Then, I pray the whole time I am with somebody else driving that we will get to and return from our destination safely, with my heart pounding. Am I being silly?

This YouTube video is easy to understand and does make one feel at ease. Check it out for some ways to conquer fear to move forward.

Jodi Aman

Published on Oct 30, 2015

In review, here are Jodi's tips...

1. Commit to Getting over Your Fear

You are going to do this and not let anything stop you. Fear keeps telling you "you can't, you can't"... If other people can conquer fear, so can you! You are not worse than them!

Break It down
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