7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Office ...


Do you need some ways to boost your productivity at work? If you have a pile of work, yet never seem to get anything done, you need to start working more efficiently. You could be making a lot of small errors that mean your time is not being used as well as it could be. Here are some ways to boost your productivity in the office and get more done during working hours …

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Avoid Distractions

One of the best ways to boost your productivity is to avoid distractions. The internet and social media can be a huge distraction, so don't look at them while at work. You decide to quickly look at your Facebook, and before you know it half an hour has gone by. You're paid to work, not look at social media! Also avoid chatty co-workers and other distractions.


When You Work Best

When are you at your most efficient? If you work best in the morning, then try to schedule your more challenging work for that part of the day. You can then work on easier tasks during the post-lunch slump or towards the end of the day. This will avoid the panic as you realise how much you have to do before you go home.



Trying to take on too many responsibilities can mean that you actually end up doing less, as you don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed. Delegate those tasks that someone else can do, and don't try to do anyone else's work as well as your own. Focus on your own work.


Organised Desk

It also helps to be working from an organised desk, rather than a messy one. If your desk is covered with bits of paper and everything is mixed up, you won't be able to find what you're looking for. This wastes time. A messy desk is also a psychological block; tidy it up and you should find that you are able to concentrate more.



When you've got a lot of work to get through you may not know where to start, and so you end up spend up more time thinking about what to do than actually doing anything. Start to prioritise your work. Get the more urgent tasks done first, so they are out of the way, and leave the tasks that can wait.


Take Breaks

It might be tempting to work through your breaks if you've got a lot of work on, but this can actually be counter-productive. You won't work efficiently, and will get less done than if you took some time out. You should take a break to get away from your work and refresh yourself. Also avoid eating at your desk; go elsewhere, so that you really do get a break.


Don't Constantly Check Messages

Finally, avoid the temptation to check your messages every five minutes in case something important comes in. You'll find yourself wading through dozens of messages that could wait. It's more efficient to designate set time for checking your mail; if people need to contact you urgently they can call.

Being more productive at work is better for both your workplace and you. When you work efficiently you feel less stressed and also feel a sense of accomplishment. The office will also run more smoothly. What is your office time-wasting habit?

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