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Looking for some ways to boost your creativity? Creativity evades us when we need it most and strikes at inopportune moments. Writers, illustrators, musicians, and other inspiration-based creative types spend most of their time chasing ideas. Sometimes, the ideas donโ€™t come at all. There are simple techniques artists can use to help our inspiration flow. The approaches I am going to discuss apply mainly to writers, but illustrators and musicians are free to use them as well.

When I had my best streak in writing, I had just moved to college. Though I had roommates, my second semester I had my own room, so it was easy to lock myself in and write for hours. I was given a lap desk (a flat, plastic surface with a plush underside) that sat comfortably next to me on my bed as I wrote on my tiny computer. My lap desk had a coaster for a drink and I always listened to my iPod while working. When I write now, post-college, I always try to mimic the situation I had before. I lock myself in my room, curl up in bed with my lap desk, and listen to music. It reminds me of college and feeling free for the first time, and when I think of everything I wrote during that period of my life, I feel proud. Simply knowing that I created something I can be proud of while using this setup is enough encouragement to work on a fresh project. So here are some great ways to boost your creativity.

1. Create a Comfortable Situation That Worked for You before

If you havenโ€™t found one yet, try different things! Maybe you work better with background noise, maybe you must work in bed, or on a couch in front of a TV, or in a coffee shop. Everyoneโ€™s creativity can be tapped by the right circumstances โ€“ you just have to find them. That's one of the best ways to boost your creativity.

Eliminate Distractions
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