7. Donโ€™t Worry about Anyone else

This is key: do not worry about what anyone else thinks about you and especially do not worry about what anyone else says about you. Let them talk. Let them try their hardest to dedicate their sorry lives to being a bully. Think of how exhausting it must be to be a mean girl.

If this world didnโ€™t have weird, crazy, loud, different, out of the box thinkers, our world would be boring and we wouldnโ€™t have 99% of the things we have today. Donโ€™t pay attention to peopleโ€™s darts.

There could never be a more beautiful you. Live your beautiful life the way you want to and become a self validator because sometimes that is all you have. Sometimes that is all you need to get yourself back up and believe in something again. Sometimes itโ€™s the snowball effect that will lead to people seeing things the way you do. You just have to believe in yourself first. What do you do to validate yourself?

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