7 Ways to Avoid Conflict as Much as Possible ...

It is always good to know ways to avoid conflict. Conflict is something we sometimes have to have, but there are other times when it is better to avoid it. That is a personal call we each have to make. However, if you are in a situation when you need to do so, these are some ways to avoid conflict that can help you out.

1. Be Kind

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Conflict can come in many different areas of our life and there are ways to avoid conflict in each of them. Conflict can be in our jobs, our family relationships or other relationships. Whichever way conflict is coming at you, being kind can help. Kindness can disarm conflict. It can also have many other wonderful results.

2. Don’t Get in the Middle of Situations

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Sometimes we get in the middle of other people's situations because we want to help. While the motivation is pure, it isn’t the best action. It can draw you right into the middle of a conflict. Then, if you express any opinion on either side, you may have a new conflict to deal with. It is best to just let other people work out their own situations without you.

3. Be a Peacekeeper

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Another way to avoid conflict is to be a peacekeeper. Be a person that likes peace and strives to have it. Don’t be anxious to jump into a conflict. Even if you aren’t a natural born peacekeeper, you can learn the skill. Ask someone to whom it does come naturally for tips.

4. Walk It off

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In other words, when stress is getting to you and the temptation to give in to conflict is there, choose to deal with the stress in another way. It can help to take a walk to get some perspective. Get away from the situation for a bit to cool off. Putting some distance between yourself and the person you may have conflict with is helpful. It can defuse the situation.

5. Don’t Engage

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Sometimes people try to force you into conflict. If this is the case with you, choose not to engage. This means that you don’t give in to their ploys to draw you into conflict. This has a hidden benefit, too. It will more than likely cause them aggravation because they could not get to you, so you win without having any conflict.

6. Avoid Trigger People

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We all have trigger people. Trigger people are those that make us want to have a conflict with them. They do not bring out the best in you. They make you want to go head to head over something. It is best to just avoid the trigger people in your life.

7. Cut Negativity and Drama out of Your Life

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Negativity and drama are not good for you mentally or physically. They can cause stress, which is harmful to you in many ways. As much as you can, cut these people out of your life. If they are someone you can’t do that with, let them know you are on a journey to get rid of negativity and drama. This should let them know to take those things somewhere else.

These are some tips on how to avoid conflict. What have you found that works in this situation? I would love to hear how you avoid conflict.

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