7 Ways to Address Your Work/Life Balance ...


When things are out of whack and the scales one-sided, it’s time to implement some ways to address your work/life balance. Having the right balance is finding the ideal split and that is a very personal thing. What is right for you may not be right for someone else. It’s important to keep things in perspective, and also remember, there will be various times in your life when the balance will need to be in favour of either home life or work life, so it’s also important to recognize those times and adjust accordingly. You’ll find these ways to address your work/life balance will help you in your quest.

1. Time Keeping and Scheduling

I know it sounds like old hat and this is always wheeled out as one of the ways to address your work/life balance, but you can’t deny that one of the cornerstones of any life – balanced or not – is the time you spend on anything and everything. Identify where and when you waste time and address them. Having unproductive time is perfectly acceptable as long as it is contributing to something – even if it is just your overall well-being. But don’t waste time “being bored” or not knowing what to do with yourself.

Goal Setting
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