Seeking Excitement Every Day Will Improve Your Life ...

While many think of excitement as an objective in itself, you might not be aware of all the different ways excitement can improve your life. Excitement is actually one of the most powerful tools we have for achieving success, health, peace of mind and fulfillment in life. And there are, in fact, countless ways excitement can improve your life when sought out on a day-to-day basis.

1. A Better Response to Change

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One of the best ways excitement can improve your life is by offering a better response to changing circumstances. Whether you’ve just talked to an annoying person on the phone or your car ran out of gas, actively deciding for an excited response can change your mood and help you find better solutions to improve your day – and maybe even your life.

2. More Activity and Less Anxiety

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Joy and excitement actively put your blood in motion, encouraging a focused and engaging state of being. The mental and physical energy that may otherwise be used destructively to create anxiety through worrying or depression are channeled towards a far more positive end.

3. Opportunities to Land a Better Job

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Who would you rather choose as your future employee – a person who is constantly depressed and monotone, or one who seeks excitement and happiness every moment of the day? The latter is actually the type of person that most modern-day employers are looking to hire.

4. Meeting Exciting People

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The concept of synchronicity – namely, β€œcoincidentally” drawing towards us exactly the kinds of people and events we resonate with emotionally – has not been proven by science, but its effects are often visible in our daily lives.

5. Improved Health

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By drawing attention away from stressful thoughts and relieving fear and anxiety, seeking everyday excitement directly induces a healthier, more positive state of being that can steer you away from both emotional and physical health problems.

6. Inspiration

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If you write, paint or sing, or your work otherwise relies heavily on creative inspiration, you probably already know how much it helps to be excited when starting your work. Inducing a state of excitement can often lead to surprising and far superior creative boost than you’d get through any other emotion.

7. Self-confidence

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In many ways, excitement can improve your life by helping to increase your self-confidence and assurance. This is easily observed with children who, with their parents’ or teachers’ encouragement to get excited about the subject they’re trying to focus on, actually perform much better in school.

8. Dropping Addictions

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Getting into a state of excitement by watching a movie you love or visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while can often be enough to bring you out of disruptive habits like regular smoking or drinking. It will, in fact, allow for satisfaction without the use of any drugs or substances, reducing the body’s anticipation of them.

9. Enjoying the Small Things in Life

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One of the best ways excitement can improve your life is by giving it meaning. You may find the simple moment of joy and sheer excitement felt when running out of the rain or deciding for spontaneous trip to the countryside to often be the most meaningful and memorable.

You've surely experienced a moment of success in life or simply had a happy day, so you probably already know a lot about how a little excitement can make a really big difference. Do you have any stories of how practicing excitement has helped in your day-to-day life?


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