7 Ways Artists Can Find Inspiration when Life is Mundane ...


As a writer and musician, I know how difficult it is to discover ways artists can find inspiration, especially when life is mundane. While after a major life event, like such as a wedding, funeral, car crash or anything in between, inspiration comes pouring onto you, it’s difficult to be inspired during everyday humdrum life. If your artwork is consistently coming out passionless or not coming out at all, try these ways artists can find inspiration for a little extra push!

1. Visit a Museum

While there are countless ways artists can find inspiration, what's more effective than admiring other people’s artwork? Museums are such a wonderful place to think and reflect, as well as be inspired, so every artist should take advantage of them! When you're struggling to create something worthwhile, take a gander at the timeless pieces artists have been making for centuries! It's sure to motivate you and reinvigorate your creative spirit.

Watch a Movie
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