7 Vital and Healthy Ways You Can Love Yourself and How You Were Made ...

Do you have a hard time finding ways you can love yourself and legitimately acknowledge your strengths? For most, it can be really hard to recognize our need to take the time and focus on self, without feeling "selfish" and all the ugly words that come with self-acknowledgement. But in reality, when you're comfortable with who you are, and actually love how you're made, you'll find life much more gratifying! Here are 7 vital and healthy ways you can love yourself that you should take to heart.

1. Accept Your Failures, Recognize Your Achievements

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Failure and success are natural parts of life. One of the ways you can love yourself better is in the way you approach your failures and achievements. Accept those things in which you gave it your all yet still didn't succeed. Acceptance is the best thing you can do and will help you move on. On the flip side, it's OK to recognize and actually celebrate your accomplishments! Big or small, giving yourself a reward, like shopping or a spa day, is a good way to love yourself and just be thankful you were able to work hard and see results.

2. Express Your Strengths

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You need to clearly define what your strengths are in life. Maybe you're a good listener, great at organizing, or you make and keep friends easily...whatever it may be, recognize it! Then express it to a friend or significant other. This is actually a good exercise for couples, and it usually reaffirms what you know about yourself. It's also pretty life giving to hear and then you won't be prone to dwell on negativity!

3. Express Your Weaknesses

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This is the other half of the exercise I described above. After expressing your strengths, recognize your weaknesses and areas of growth and then share them. We all have areas in our lives and personalities that need work (no one is perfect!). Acknowledging our weak areas humbles us and allows us room to grow as individuals! This is a beautiful way to love who you are.

4. Find One Physical Attribute to Be Proud of

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I know all of us have a million and one things we can critique about our bodies. Our weight, dress size, skin, hair, teeth, etc are always being "judged" by our own eyes. And you know what the funny thing is? No one sees all those "flaws" that you see. You are truly beautiful! A good place to start is finding one physical feature you like about yourself. For me, I like the big freckles on my cheeks!

5. Know Your Body through Regular Exercise

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The only way to really connect with your body is through movement! Having strong muscles allows you to be more in control of how you move in daily activities. Pushing your body through intense physical activity is living. You can feel your heart beating, your lungs sucking air, your skin sweating, your mind racing, your muscles burning, and you know that you're alive!

6. Love Your Unique Personality

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Don't wish you could be more like someone else because that's not unique. You have a unique personality that's like a thumbprint- no one else has the same personality traits as you, and true friends who love you for who you are, are going to gravitate to that because they can see your confidence!

7. Remember to Take a "Me" Break

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This is especially true if you're married and have kids, but is true for anyone regardless! So often we give and give of ourselves and eventually we lose a little bit of the fire that keeps us grounded. One day a week for a couple of hours, plan a time where you can be alone to just relax, do what you love, and clear your mind without interruption. It helps tremendously and allows you to be a more intentional friend, coworker, wife, girlfriend, mom, and daughter.

This isn't an article about being narcissistic, but rather knowing the importance of loving yourself first so you can truly love others. Let's start the thread of comments by listing one physical and personality attribute that you love about yourself!

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