7 Vital and Healthy Ways You Can Love Yourself and How You Were Made ...


Do you have a hard time finding ways you can love yourself and legitimately acknowledge your strengths? For most, it can be really hard to recognize our need to take the time and focus on self, without feeling "selfish" and all the ugly words that come with self-acknowledgement. But in reality, when you're comfortable with who you are, and actually love how you're made, you'll find life much more gratifying! Here are 7 vital and healthy ways you can love yourself that you should take to heart.

1. Accept Your Failures, Recognize Your Achievements

Failure and success are natural parts of life. One of the ways you can love yourself better is in the way you approach your failures and achievements. Accept those things in which you gave it your all yet still didn't succeed. Acceptance is the best thing you can do and will help you move on. On the flip side, it's OK to recognize and actually celebrate your accomplishments! Big or small, giving yourself a reward, like shopping or a spa day, is a good way to love yourself and just be thankful you were able to work hard and see results.

Express Your Strengths
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