7 Universal Challenges of Mediators and How to Overcome Them ...


There are certain challenges of mediators when they are stuck in between two parties. If you were ever in the middle of a fight between friends or family members, you know just how uncomfortable it can get for the person stuck as a mediator. You might not want to be a part of it but you know that as the only neutral person, it is your job to do some damage control. If you were ever in this situation, you can relate to certain challenges of mediators.

1. Stuck in the Middle

One of the first challenges of mediators is being torn between two parties. Last time I was stuck in between a fight between two friends, each of them wanted me to support their position and they would often get frustrated when I did not. It is not a fun position to be in, so the only thing you can do is declare that you are neutral and therefore will stay out of it.

Showing Support to Both Parties
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