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7 Traits Men Consider "Bitchy" That You Should Actually Be Proud to Have ...

By Alicia

Girls, I know that know that none of us wants to be considered “bitchy”. I know that I don’t! But here’s the truth of the matter. Some of the traits men consider “bitchy” aren’t bad traits; in fact, they’re traits you should actually be proud to have.

1 Complaining Can Actually Produce Results

Men don’t like to hear complaints but here’s the deal. Complaining can actually produce results. There’s a saying that captures this well. Have you ever heard that “the squeaky oil gets the grease?” There’s a lot of truth to that statement. The trick is in knowing how to complain in a way to get what you want instead of complaining just because.

2 He Considers You Bossy but You’re Actually Just Articulate

Most men don’t like to be told what to do. And we can understand that; we wouldn’t like orders either, right? The thing is, you probably aren’t trying to come across as bossy. You just know exactly what you want and are trying to express that. I’ll tell you a secret, though. If you tell your guy the end result you’d like and let him figure out how to get it for you, things will go much more smoothly for your relationship.

3 Selfishness Isn’t a Completely Bad Thing

Being selfish isn’t a completely bad thing. It can be, when it goes to the point of being uncaring about the feelings and needs of others. But you need to look out for yourself and your needs. It’s perfectly okay to take care of yourself and think of yourself. You’re the best person for that job because only you know what you want and need.

4 Your Temper Shows That You’re Comfortable in Your Emotions

Let’s just be honest. Men don’t enjoy seeing a woman lose her temper. In fact, most of them try to steer clear of you if they can tell you’re ready to blow. But the deal is that anger is an emotion that everyone has. It’s better to express it than repress it!

5 He Takes Your Confidence as a Threat to His Manhood

Men can feel threatened at a woman’s confidence. But there’s nothing wrong with being confident. It’s a great trait to have and it’s part of having good self esteem. Men like to be the expert on things and no doubt, there are many areas he truly is. But you have intelligence and areas of knowledge too.

6 He Thinks You’re Aggressive but You Know It’s Assertiveness

Aggressiveness isn’t attractive to a man. In fact, it can repel them. But the truth is, what he sees as aggressiveness could really be assertiveness. You simply know what you want and have a determination to get it. If that means hard work and dedication, you’ve got that.

7 Being a Know-it-all Means You Have Confidence in Your Abilities

None of us like a know-it-all if they’re arrogant and pushy. But there truly are things you have strong abilities in. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of that fact. You can certainly weigh in and share your wisdom. As long as you have the intention to come across as helpful rather than arrogant, you’re fine. You can’t help it if he interprets you differently.

These are 7 traits that men consider “bitchy” that you should be proud to have. It’s your turn to weigh in. Do you have any of these traits and have they been an issue for you with men before?

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