6 Totally πŸ’― Doable Ways to Boost πŸ”‹ Your Self Esteem 😁 for Girls Struggling 😣 to Love Themselves πŸ’ ...

Everything that happens to you is a projection of your own reality. You might be the perfect parent, breadwinner, friend, partner and have many great ideas that will definitely solve confusing issues. Nonetheless, you might have a nagging feeling that whispers every now and then that your ideas are useless and your happiness is undesirable. Even if you know that those whispers are not true, you should know that there are no fixed solutions to dash away low self-esteem. It is a process that demands practice. Here are the six rules to follow in order to have a better self-esteem permanently.

1. Please Stop Pleasing

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No matter what happens others will gossip. Besides, others will make you pretend to be someone you’re not. Maybe someone you never wished to be. The thing that you can do here is to set your self esteem towards a healthier direction. Just be you. Be authentic and genuine. Laugh out until you snort and cry whenever you feel you want to. Be you.

2. Have the Courage to Say No

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Break the habit of accepting what others want or demand from you for the fear of breaking their hearts. Let yourself be a priority because whenever you say yes to them you’re saying no to yourself. Hence, provoking yourself from your own freedom and living in a cave of regret and anxiety.

3. Make Mistakes

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You will never grow until you make a couple of mistakes and learn from them. This gives you the opportunity to distinguish right from wrong. Every time you fall and fail to accomplish a task is a choice you make. You can either stay in your safe zone or you can take the risk and discover solutions. By doing so, whenever a new problem kicks in, you’ll be becoming a better and braver person.

4. Hold Responsibilities

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Again, at a certain time of your life you might hurt someone on purpose or accidently. Whenever that happens be fully prepared to offer a sincere apology followed by β€œhow can I fix it?” and make sure to solve the problem with true effort.

5. Help Others

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There’s nothing more sincere than receiving β€œThank you” from a stranger. Be part of the world and offer help to the homeless, poor, ill and whoever is in need. This will not only boost your self confidence, but this will also inspire hopeless people and will spread kindness among all.

6. Stop Second Guessing Your Choices

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If you want to do something, just do it, if not - then don’t. Don’t create dazzling ideas and then start making assumptions which convince you that it won’t work. Most importantly, don’t go mad if someone opposed or didn’t like your ideas. Know what you want, make decisions and then act. Live and be prepared for uncertainties!

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