7 Tips to Get You through a Quarter Life Crisis ...

If you are a recent college graduate, this list about getting through a quarter life crisis will definitely help you with your transition into the "real world." In fact, these tips will help you even if you haven't attended school but are starting your young adult life. A quarter life crisis is defined as a period of life following the major changes of adolescence that may be experienced between the teen years until the early thirties, involving the direction and quality of one's life. Getting through a quarter life crisis can be an overwhelming process, but fortunately there are many resources available to our generation to assist us during this exciting stage in life.

1. Expectation Vs Reality

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This point is major in getting through a quarter life crisis. An expectation is what you envision to happen in your situations and the people in your life. But often the reality of the situation and who people truly are end up being very different than what we are expecting. Take some time to assess the expectations you have for your life. It may be helpful to find a mentor or someone you trust and share your expectations. You may find that some of your frustration can be dealt with by shifting to a more practical approach in life.

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