How to Use Negative People to Your Advantage ...


How to Use Negative People to Your Advantage ...
How to Use Negative People to Your Advantage ...

A lot of tips to deal with negative people focus on the issues of the negative person, but I think you can gain more. I know how this sounds, I also personally feel it is easier to just get rid of negative people than keeping them in your lives for one reason or the other, but after these past few months, I have come to understand that negative people could do more good than harm in your life if you make use of them correctly. Yes, you can learn lessons from dealing with negative people and use them to your advantage. This might seem like something a bit creepy at first but trust me there's no harm in turning negativity into positivity. What kind of people are negative people? Negative people see you in a bad position but they don't help you get out of it. Rather, they make you feel worse by making negative comments to bring you down. How do you turn this negativity into positivity? Here are my top tips for dealing with negative people. Stay tuned!

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Identify the Negative People

This isn't as easy as it seems. Negative people can actually be really nice people, which makes it seem like you're the one with the problem. Some people just really lack self esteem and feel more fulfilled by hurting others. They attack you from nowhere, pick on every single thing you do, you feel unsafe with them, and some of them even tell really hurtful jokes. Identify them and categorize people like them.


Don't Avoid Them

While you may ignore certain things they do, never avoid them. Avoiding them might seem like the easiest thing to do but you can't avoid them forever. There comes a time you need to face them, stand up to them, and don't let anyone make you feel small or like you're less than what you really are.


Hold on to Their Words in a Positive Way

This negative person can keep picking on you because you're fat, unsuccessful, or thinks you're a failure and not hardworking. Is it fixable? Am I the kind of person that if I do my hair and someone says my hair is ugly, I'd say I love it and I think it's nice because it actually do like it? Or am I the type to instantly feel bad and never do my hair like that again? The only reason why I would start feeling bad is because I probably didn't even like it myself from the start. So if someone keeps picking on you because you're fat, for example, and you feel bad enough to start getting depressed, it's probably because you also think you're fat. But instead of being depressed, start working out and prove to that negative person (and yourself) that you don't always have to be that way! I personally always hold on to negative comments that I know are true to make myself a better person. As long as I know it's something fixable, I'd try to fix it.


Translate Their Negative Messages into Positive Messages

You'll come to find some people just lack the ability to express themselves in a polite or positive way. They can't exactly communicate with you positively and instead just correct your wrong doings in a way that makes you feel terrible about yourself. Instead of taking these comments to heart you can try to ignore the negative parts and focus more on the message they are trying to pass across. For instance, people who pick on you because you are at a standstill in life might be in a negative way, but maybe the person is just trying to tell you there are so many things out there that you can do. They might just be trying to help you find your motivation.

There are many other ways to make use of negative people effectively, many of them are just frustrated, angry, disappointed and looking for someone to dump all their trash on. Make sure you don't become a victim; be strong and face them head on. How else do you deal?

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