3. Plan Some Events

With the Christmas hype, there were plenty of things to look forward to: a break from work or school, seeing family and friends, junking out on great food, and visiting home or a new place. Once the holidays are over, the only next big event is Valentine’s Day and that is not particularly a happy holiday for everyone. After that is St. Patrick’s Day, but it is nothing compared to Christmas.

To push through the cold and uneventful winter, plan some events to give yourself something to be excited about. For instance, plan a weekend getaway with a friend or boyfriend sometime in January or invite someone to visit you in your home. Heck, go on a solo getaway where you treat yourself. Just plan something.

These tips may not fully cure you of post-Christmas blues but they can certainly reduce your woes until springtime. So please try them out and mention in the comments if they were helpful or not. They work for me. Hope you have a good New Year.

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