7 Tips for Creating Your Bucket List ...


Bucket list is a great buzz word of the 21st century and everyone knows what it means. Many people claim to have one. Mine is more like a rain barrel than a bucket and thatโ€™s just for travel experiences. Now that is all well and good but Iโ€™ve set myself an impossible task with creating such a massive list. I will never achieve them all โ€“ I wonโ€™t live long enough and I donโ€™t have enough money. Will I depart this Earth disappointed? Probably, but only because I still wished to do so much. If you want to have as few regrets as possible when it comes to shuffling off your mortal coil, hereโ€™s some tips for creating a realistic bucket list.

1. Preparation

A great start to putting your bucket list together is to invest in a special notebook that will be dedicated solely to this task. Whilst we will all most probably have smartphone and tablet apps that are specifically for the purposes of writing a bucket list, it is absolutely vital that you have a hard copy somewhere. If you carry this notebook with you in your handbag you will be able to jot down any new ideas as they come to you at any time during the day.

Be Realistic
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