3 Tips for Being Better at Receiving Love ...


3 Tips for Being Better at Receiving Love ...
3 Tips for Being Better at Receiving Love ...

If you are the kind of person who has always been bad at taking compliments from strangers and loved ones alike, then it is pretty safe to assume that you aren’t always the best at receiving love on a deeper level as well. Love is one of the most natural things in the world to feel, but it isn’t always the most natural world in the world to accept. Here are three tips for being better at receiving love!

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Ask for Reassurance

Sometimes you might find it hard to receive love when someone tries to give it to you out of the blue or without ‘reason’. If you are someone who likes logic and explanation, then why not ask them exactly why they feel the way they do, rather than just hearing the affection out loud and not being able to digest it? If they can give you reasons for their love that you can compute, then you might find it much easier to accept the compliments and feelings!


Believe It

You might be of the opinion that any form of love is fake love, maybe because you have been treated badly in the past. What you need to work on doing is understanding that you are worthy of love, even if the back of your mind is telling you something different. Just pause, take a deep breath, try to really hear what the person is saying, and just let the feeling wash over you rather than instinctively trying to fight against it or disprove it.


Positive Flooding

You know the phenomenon where people are so used to seeing violence in the movies that it doesn’t really shock or affect them anymore? Well, that is what you have to do with your fear of receiving love! If you are literally flooded with affection and outpourings of love, you will have no choice but to get used to the sensation of receiving it, and over time, it won’t such a strange and foreign feeling to you. The only way to conquer a fear is to stare it right in the face!

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