This is Why Rejection is an Artist's Best Friend ...


One of my favorite movies is “Not Another Happy Ending”, about a struggling author who finally gets a contract with a publishing company. Before she gets published, she has a “wall of rejection” which is exactly what it sounds like— a wall covered with rejection letters. Other characters accuse her of worshiping her pain, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with what she did. In fact, in many ways, rejection is an artist’s best friend.

1. You’re in Good Company

I’m not claiming that “we regret to inform you” is some beautiful phrase every artist should love. Rejection is an awful feeling. But you aren’t the only person to experience that phrase and that feeling. Every Shakespeare, Picasso, Beyonce, and Spielberg have had to deal with people not appreciating their work. If you think about it that way, it’s not you or even your work that they’re rejecting. It’s all just a part of the process for every artist.

Feeling of Validation
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