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7 Things You'll Regret in 7 Years ...

By Alicia

Of course you want to avoid doing things you’ll regret in the years to come. Sometimes you really don’t realize what they are at the time. You also may not realize how big of a deal some things are. These are 7 things you’ll regret in 7 years if you continue to do them.

1 Not Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be a hassle. It takes time to apply, can feel greasy or messy and is another little expense. These are some reasons that some people choose not to wear it. But not wearing it can have serious consequences such as premature aging or even skin cancer. Not wearing sunscreen is one of the things you’ll regret in the future.

2 Smoking

Smoking is an activity that can quickly become a habit. It can seem like it really isn’t that dangerous when you start but the truth is, it is very dangerous. It is also another thing that leads to premature aging. It is best to stop smoking now so that you don’t have regrets later over how it has affected your health and appearance.


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3 Burning Bridges Professionally

A lot of times you don’t think about how important professional contacts are when you are a young adult. You may get angry and act in ways you shouldn’t when you leave a job. This is not a wise decision. Burning your bridges professionally is something you are certain to later regret. You may need your former employer for a reference later on.

4 Partying Too Much

Partying is something that many young adults take part in, at least for a little while. Fortunately, most of them don’t continue this behavior for very long because they see how detrimental it can be. Drinking or using drugs will show negatively in your physical appearance. It can also affect your personal relationships and your job. If you can’t stop this habit on your own, seek help for it.

5 Not Having Goals

A lot of times people get in the rut of just floating through life. They don’t give a lot of thought to their future and that is a mistake. If you don’t have goals, you probably aren’t going anywhere. Take time to make some goals for your personal and professional life. This will eliminate this being a source of regrets later.

6 Eating Unhealthy

Eating unhealthy can be such a temptation. But it isn’t something that you can get away with for very long. By the time 7 years goes by, you will certainly regret this decision. Eating unhealthy shows up in various ways on your body. Your complexion will be dull and perhaps acne prone. You may also have a weight struggle on your hands due to making poor food choices.

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7 Not Enjoying Each Moment

This may be the biggest regret of all. Many times people get so busy in getting through days that seem full of stress that they forget to really enjoy their life. All of our lives are full of wonderful little moments we should savor. If you don’t enjoy them while you are living them, you may look back and wish that you had. Make an effort to enjoy each day.

These are some things that can cause you deep regret later. Have you regretted any of these decisions? I would love to read your stories.

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