48 Things Women Hear That Can Damage Their Confidence ...


Even though it's the twenty-first century, there are still some sexist things that women hear all the time. You're probably so used to hearing them that you barely even register them.

I mean, how many times has someone told you that a boy has picked on you, because he likes you, or that you can't wear something, because you're going to distract the boys around you?

There are some things that women shouldn't hear, but we do anyway. This video shows what it's like to be a woman in the modern world:

How many of these things have you heard lately?

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All of themπŸ˜”

It's a disapproving society, and it's sicking when other women are the ones saying it to women. People in this age are probably as good as they will ever get.

As women we hear such crap all the time now it is a matter of ignoring it or sucking it up or better still the nay sayers to shut it. As a women people are more likely to have negatives things to say about us do i care not particularly. So i say women be who you want to be and ignore the ignorant rants! Happy christmas!

I'm 100% feminist and I can't stand these things happening to me or anyone else!

Wow this is so true and powerful! So sad!! I hate when people say these things to me!

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