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10 Things to Give up for Lent ...

By Deeceebee

Easter is just around the corner, a time for celebration and indulgence in things like delicious chocolate eggs, but for many people all over the world, before you get to do all of that, you have to put in a little sacrifice first! Lent comes before Easter, and Lent traditionally involves giving something between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Just how big you decide to go is entirely up to you! Here are ten things to give up for Lent.

1 Twitter

Give yourself a break from the constant arguing and trolling of Twitter. It might feel like you can’t go without it for an hour, but trust me, you will feel refreshed by the time Easter comes around and might not even want to go back!

2 Facebook

And the same goes for Facebook. Don’t worry about FOMO. You’re not going to miss people posting pictures of their dinner and sharing questionable fake news. Just take a month out and you will feel a lot better about yourself!

3 Fast Food

You are going to be stuffing your mouth full of chocolate by the times Easter comes around, so why not give up fast food in the meantime? Not only is it a great test, but you will probably also see an improvement in your health!

4 Complaining

Try to go the whole of Lent without complaining about little things. Sure, if something really bad happens then you have license, but work on cutting out the little niggles and moans that make up your day.

5 Snacking

Give up snacking between meal times. It’s a good thing to keep your motivated to succeed, and it also encourages you to make better meal choices to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

6 Red Meat

We are all being told that we need to cut down on our red meat consumption, so why not choose Lent as the perfect time to give it a test run? If you can go the whole of Lent without red meat, than you can certainly go for longer.

7 Cheese

We all love cheese, but Lent is a time when you are supposed to give up something you really love, so the dairy product definitely fits the bill!

8 Alcohol

A lot of people do dry January, so why not have a go at dry Lent too? It’s a popular choice, and another one that is good for your health.

9 Lying

Work on cutting out all of those little white lies that you like to tell so much! It forces you to be more honest and actually come up with real excuses rather than fibs.

10 Plastic

This is an amazing one to do and one that I fully recommend. Take Lent as a period when you really think about your plastic consumption. Try to be as sustainable as you can. Even better if you can continue this long after the Lenten period.

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