2. Work out

Yes, along with getting up early, I’m asking you to get your booty moving in high gear too! I already made working out a habit, but didn't do it as early in the morning as I am now. If you're new to working out, I probably sound like a drill sergeant, but hear me out. Highly successful people have this number one habit in common. They get up early and work out to get their day started. This isn’t only important for physical fitness, but also important for your mental focus, function and your metabolism.

It is a great way to take time for yourself each day, before the day’s agenda takes its toll on your energy levels. It is also a great way to motivate yourself and has been proven to increase mental function and concentration to everyone who does it. Start by working out for 30 minutes each morning, whether it be a walk around your neighborhood or local park, and then add 10 minutes of stretching, weights or a few yoga poses. Then, increase this time to 45 minutes or an hour if you can, and add weight training or extra cardio. Be sure to stretch regularly after each session to enhance your flexibility too.

Eat Breakfast
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