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7 Things Not to do when You Are Angry ...

By Alicia

There are a lot of things not to do when you are angry. When you are angry you may not be thinking as clearly as you normally would. Because of this, it is best to wait until you are calmer before you act. This is a list of 7 things not to do when you are angry.

1 Make Decisions

One of the things not to do when you are angry is make decisions. You are not in your normal frame of mind when you are angry. There is a saying that if you act in haste then you will repent at leisure. That almost always proves true. Wait until you are calmer before you make a decision.

2 Take It to Social Media

I have seen this happen many times. Someone gets angry and takes to social media to spout off. This is not a wise decision. It reflects very poorly on the person posting angry comments. You also may have regrets later on if you vent publicly.


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3 Talk to Everyone

It is okay to talk to people about things you are going through. The important thing is to choose those you talk to carefully. You don’t want to just share with everyone. Some will not keep secret what you share in confidence and others may offer bad advice. Only talk to trusted friends when you need to blow off some steam.

4 Take It out on Others

This is one thing you definitely don’t want to do. You never want to mistreat others because you are angry and having a bad day. If you feel tempted to take your anger out on others, make the decision to get away and cool off. Don’t go back around others until you know you are capable of dealing with your feelings. Do something to help yourself feel less angry in the meantime.

5 Drive

It is best to not get behind the wheel when you are angry. Sometimes you can’t help it because what made you angry is something that occurred while you were driving between yourself and another driver. In that situation you have to find a way to calm down while you are driving. But if you are deeply upset by another sort of situation, you should not get behind the wheel until you are calmer. You can put yourself in danger by driving while you are angry.

6 Socialize

It is really best to not try to socialize until you have a grip on your anger. Unless you are calm enough to talk about the situation you are angry over or seek advice, it’s best to keep some distance. If you don’t, you might alienate your friends. You also could leave a bad impression on others. Make sure you have your anger under control before you socialize.

7 Turn to Bad Habits

You never want to turn to bad habits because you are angry. This is never the solution. It will just give you two problems instead of one. Find a healthier way to deal with your anger. Exercising, going on a cleaning spree or writing down why you are angry are better choices.

These are 7 things you want to avoid doing while you are angry. What do you feel tempted to do when you are angry? What are some healthy ways you process your anger?

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