9 Things I Learned about Myself during a Quarter Life Crisis ...

Unless you’ve read my blog, I’m sure you wouldn’t think that I have ever been through a quarter life crisis. Well, believe it or not, like many women in their twenties, I have. I have had one of the hardest last eighteen years of most people you might know, but my story isn’t a pity story, but instead, one of strength. I also know I’m not the only person to have been through hardships, nor are mine as bad as many others’ I’ve met. Still, I’m extremely humbled to not only have survived the last ten years of my life, but be here to tell about it, and be incredibly happy with life right now. I couldn’t have gotten through sexual abuse, a family divorce, a deathly eating disorder, the death of my father, losing every best friend I ever had, financial ruin and living off government aid, being unemployed after graduating college two years, and surviving a near death traffic accident, without grace, perseverance, and strength I was sure I didn’t have. Let me tell you something- you are all stronger than you know, and if you’re like me and in your teens, twenties or even any older, I’m telling you that life does move on, if you want it to. If you’ve been through a quarter life crisis and don’t know where to start, try reading what I learned about myself, and see what you can learn about yourself during this hard time you’re going through. Trust me, you’re more amazing than you know, even when you don’t feel like it!

1. That I Wasn’t Made of Steel

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Before my world crashed, I was like everyone else and really never even knew what a quarter life crisis was. Yet, in the midst of one, I learned I wasn’t emotionally void of pain, and sometimes, there were days I felt like I had nothing left. Yet, even though I realized I wasn’t made of steel, I learned how to live through pain. I learned that getting up each day, going out for a walk, sitting down to write, and doing simple things like making up my bed and cooking were signs that I could make it through. Soon, day by day, I learned to survive, even in the midst of sadness, being broke, being ill and living in distraught grief.

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