7 Things Every Woman Should Put on Her Bucket List for 2019 ...

Do you have a bucket list for 2019 yet? I know it can seem a bit early to make one, but I’m all about planning ahead when I’ve got everything together, and this year, my bucket list is one thing I’ve already started on. Perhaps I should do this with my Christmas list first, but let’s be honest, a bucket list is a bit less stressful than that! A bucket list is all about doing the things you want to do that you haven’t done yet, that are either really big things, or even small things. A bucket list isn’t so much of a resolution list, but it kind of can be. As long as whatever is on your bucket list is something you really want to do that is a deep desire in your heart, it belongs there. It’s not a to-do list, “I should” list, or a resolution to lose 5 pounds because your old jeans don’t fit. A bucket list is a list of your dreams, so make it one. If you need some ideas, here’s some things I think every woman alive should put on her bucket list for 2019.

1. Visit a Special Place

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One thing I think should be on each woman’s bucket list for 2019 is the idea of visiting somewhere special. It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic, far, or super expensive. This can be two miles up the road or two thousand miles away. The idea is for it to be somewhere that helps you escape, both mentally and physically, where you feel alive, rejuvenated and incredibly happy. Pick your spot and put it on your list.

2. Spend Time with a New Friend

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Most of us have some type of new friend, in some form or another. Make 2019 the year you spend more time with them. Do something cool like go hiking, or even take that special trip with them. If nothing else, if you haven’t met them yet, such as they’re a friend you met through a blog or such, make it a goal to meet up with them! Spending more time with a new friend isn’t just a great thing to do in general, but it also helps make you happier as a person.

3. Find a Cause You Care about

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I’m not asking you to donate money of any kind to an organization, but if you don’t already have one, find a cause you’re passionate about. Why? Because doing so helps you become alive. It gives you something to care about that ignites your spirit and helps your creativity find new ways to express your passions for the goodness of others. I found this when I found I had a passion for animal abuse and promoting awareness about factory farming. Now, I could write books on the issue I’m so passionate about it. I also found a cause for eating disorder awareness for the same reasons. Find a cause that ignites you. Remember that!

4. Do Something to Nourish Yourself

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Here’s an idea: instead of telling yourself to lose 5 or 10 pounds next year, make one of your items on your bucket list something that nourishes you. It doesn’t even have to be food related. Perhaps it is to find a yoga practice that helps you relax, take a spiritual journey, learn to paint, whatever it is that you feel would nourish your soul. Do it!

5. Let Go of Your “shoulds”

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This is going to be hard, but I’m a firm believer that every woman needs to take all her “shoulds” away for a year. By this I mean thinking you should make more money, lose more weight, try a new diet, make your parents happy all the time, find a husband by the time you’re a certain age, maintain a perfect nature, have kids by a certain age, or have the ability to cook gourmet meals for your entire family every night. Whatever you think you should do, let that go. Instead, focus on what your spirit wants to do.

6. Teach Yourself Something New

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One amazing thing you can do for yourself next year is to teach yourself something new. Why? Because it gives you independence, confidence and pride. It also shows you how smart you are! It can be anything you’ve always wanted to do but never have. Knit, sew, cook, crochet, play piano, mountain climb, yoga, or anything else you want to do.

7. Connect More

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In general, every woman out there needs to make 2019 a year to connect more. To yourself, to others, to the environment around you, to the animals around you, to your spirit. Learn to connect, even if that means disconnecting from things like extended work hours, fad diets, social media, or the television and computer. Start connecting in 2019 with things that matter. You’ll be so glad you did and it will seem like such a reward when you feel the benefits.

Do you have a bucket list for 2019 yet? What’s on it?

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