The Tricks to Being More Mindful That Will Change Your View of Life ...


Mindfulness is about being in the โ€œpresentโ€ and being acute and aware but still sensitive and accepting of your feelings and thoughts. Mindfulness meditation is used as a therapeutic technique, but there are non-meditative ways to be more mindful that will improve your well-being.

1. Be in the Moment โ€“ but What Does That Mean?

When people talk about how to be more mindful, they often talk about living in the moment. But they donโ€™t often define what that means or how itโ€™s accomplished. Being in the moment simply means enjoying where youโ€™re at in time without connecting it to anything in the past or future. It could be something as simple as actually stopping and listening to the birds sing, or laughing heartily at a funny joke. It means looking at the wonder of living right here, right now.

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