The Secret Reason 🙉 You Aren't Happy 😊 with Life According to Zodiacs ♍️♒️♎️♓️ ...

Life has thrown so many obstacles your way that trying to turn your lemons into lemonade 🍋 almost feels impossible. We've all been there before. It doesn't matter how many things you've accomplished so far; there are still times when you feel like you're missing something. You've finally gotten that raise that you've been fighting for or your boyfriend told you that he loves ❤️ you for the first time.

And yet, you're STILL not happy. The worst part is that you can't explain why. One morning, you just woke up feeling stuck, lost and out of sorts 😕. Here's how your zodiac sign can shed some clarity on your situation - whether it's romantically, academically or career-wise.

1. Capricorn ♑

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You're a very loyal, reliable person and take commitment very seriously. If you're not getting the same level of dedication from your partner, it leaves you feeling alone and dissatisfied.

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