The All-Inclusive Guide 📖 to Starting an Amazing Bullet Journal 📓 ...


First, let's start out with what is a bullet journal? No, seriously, if you haven't heard 👂 about what this amazing journal is really like, then you are missing out. Basically, this is just rapid logging and that is the language that the bullet journal was born out of. It consists of about four 4️⃣ different components: topics, page numbers, short sentences and of course, bullets. You ready to dive into the new age 👵 of journaling? I know that I am!

1. Topics First

So the first 1️⃣ step when you are starting up 🆙 your bullet journal is to start with a topic. You'll want to put this on 🔛 the top 🔝 outer corner of the page. What is it? Well, a topic is actually just a short description of the title. You want to give it a little thought, as this can really help clarify exactly what you want your entry to be like.

Page Numbers 🔢 Next
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