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7 Sure Fire Ways to Boost Your Confidence Every Day ...

By Kelly

With jobs, friends, and everyday life bringing you down, you need these surefire ways to boost your confidence just to get you through the day. Being confident in yourself is more than just thinking you look good. True confidence is about being confident in who you are, what you are doing; the people surround yourself with, and your place in life. These small everyday ways to boost your confidence will have an overall effect not only on your day to day life, but your confidence in everything you do for years to come.

1 Wake up Earlier

You might wonder how waking up earlier is one of the ways to boost your confidence, but there are tons of reasons this is a great way to start feeling awesome about yourself. When you wake up earlier, you give yourself more time to focus on you. You can pick out a great outfit, make yourself a good healthy breakfast and maybe even do a workout or some yoga. Give yourself some “you” time to focus on the things that make you happy. Even half an hour in the morning can give you just the right time to focus on boosting your confidence.


DLI stands for “daily little inspirations.” They are the tiny things throughout your day that inspire you to be amazing. Put small quotes around your mirror that you will see in the morning or listen to uplifting songs. The combination of these little things will leave you with confidence all day long.

3 Spend Time with the Right People

You can never boost your confidence if you are surrounding yourself with people who bring you down. Those kinds of people are negative and you do not need them in your life. If you have a friend who is constantly making snarky remarks or have a co-worker who goes out of their way to make you feel bad about yourself, try to distance yourself from them. You need to replace them with friends who make you feel like you are the best version of you that you can be.

4 Do What You Love

If you are stuck doing a job you hate, or have a hobby that you don’t necessarily love, you are wasting your time. Find your passion in life and pursue it. You will feel so much happier with you and you will be confident in your life choices. A huge portion of our confidence comes from knowing we are were we should be in life, and you can only have that daily boost of confidence by knowing you are happy with your place in life.

5 Realize You Are Only Human

In the wise words of Hannah Montana, “everybody makes mistakes.” You are not a superhero and you are not perfect (sorry to break it to you). That being said, you need to accept your mistakes and learn to not make them again. Mistakes really have an impact on our confidence and can make us feel like we aren’t good at anything. You will, on average, make one small mistake a day. When you accept those mistakes instead of dwelling on them, you will regain that little boost of confidence you loose every time you freak out over a mistake.

6 Look in the Mirror

We all look in mirrors. When we do our hair, fix our makeup, or pick our outfits, we are looking in mirrors. The problem with all of these things, they are focusing on changing and bettering our appearance. Instead of focusing on how you look, really take a look into a mirror and think about who the person staring back is. Think about what makes you unique and makes you the person you are. Those are the qualities that should boost your confidence. Not your looks, not your clothes but who you are should be the source of your confidence.

7 Take It Little by Little

If you are expecting to wake up one day and feel like you can take on the world and you have the confidence you desire, you might be disappointed. Even with all of these ways to boost your confidence, maintaining overall long-lasting confidence takes time. Take these tips and use them over day. Little by little, you will start to feel more confident in everything you do. And then you won’t need these little tips to make you feel more confident; you will be walking with your head and hopes high.

Confidence is key to everything you do in life, from your job to your relationships. If you are not naturally confident, it can be hard to wake up and feel great about everything you do during your day. These tips are small steps you can take everyday to have small, but important, boosts to your confidence. What did you think of these ways to boost your confidence? What are some other ways you know of to boost your confidence? Why is having confidence in yourself important?


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