Stop Asking Questions You Don't Want to Know the Answer to ...

By Truman

It's time to stop asking questions you do not want to know the answer to.

Do not ask too many questions. Remember, when were a kid and you didn’t ask a lot of questions? Remember when you didn’t worry about anything? You were at peace because you didn’t ask any questions. In the Bible, it is written “He who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” I am not a religious person, but do you ever feel like the more you know, the more you wish you didn’t know?

Does it really matter if you know everything? The answer is no. You only need to know what you want to know. That is all you ever need to know in this world. Stop trying to compete with people and stop trying to know everything. Knowing everything means nothing.

What means something is knowing what you did and what you're doing. Stop asking questions you do not want to know the answer to. When it comes down to it, are you going to do something about it? Otherwise, do not worry about it. Life is not about what you know. It is about what you do. So what if this guy knows everything? You did stuff in your life and that is what matters. What you do is based on your opinion. If you think video games are productive, then so be it. If you think working is stupid, then it is stupid. Everything you know is based on your opinion of it. You've got to understand this before you get caught up in being right instead of believing what you want, even if its wrong. Believe that everything you do has purpose. Nothing matters until you say so.

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