Empowering Steps for Girls Who Want to Be More Mindful without Delay💭⚡💡 ...


It seems that whenever you open a magazine, there is something about mindfulness and its many benefits and I would like to share some steps to mindfulness that will make you feel amazing. So what is mindfulness? It essentially means being in the moment and not being on 'automatic pilot' mode. We all lead such busy lives and are often not fully conscious or aware of what we're doing. Being mindful essentially means enjoying the present moment rather than thinking about the past and future. We're bombarded with so much information every moment of every day, and being mindful in everyday life can really transform lives. We focus so much on detoxing the body but we also need to detox the mind. Since practicing mindfulness meditation, I have noticed many positive changes in my life and my stress levels have significantly reduced. Here are some steps to mindfulness which will make you feel wonderful.

1. Find a Space

One of the first steps to mindfulness is finding a space. Having a space to sit and practice mindfulness exercises is very helpful, but technically you can do this anywhere when you need to feel more centered. You might want to try this lying down on your bed, sitting on a chair or sitting in the traditional meditative pose with your legs crossed, it's up to you. You might be at work and want to sit quietly in a room with no distractions for ten to twenty minutes.

Concentrate on Your Breathing
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