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5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make 2019 Your Year

By Tay

Are you looking forward to 2019? Did 2018 not live up to your expectations and you want something better in 2019? Maybe 2018 was a good year and you want to build on that success? Whatever, here are ways to make 2019 your year.

1 Change Your Thought Process

Easy right? Well sometimes, with this you need to take baby steps. Day by day. Change any negative thinking into even the smallest positive thoughts. Be grateful and thankful for everything, life is short. If something has been bugging you for a while, like your living situation, place of work, or even relationships, it is time to change these.

2 Focus on You but Not Selfishly

You need to be the best version of you before you can help others. This does not mean disregard your loved ones or even strangers in need. Focus on your needs then again baby steps, you can help others! Everyone needs a helping hand and if you are in a good spot mentally or physically, it is life-changing to be able to help others without being used or taken for granted.

3 Forgive but Don't Forget

An old saying that some disagree with, but hopefully agree. I say agree! Let's forgive the past negative actions of others that hurt us or even things we have done that we aren't proud of and learn from them. Take a step forward and be kind, treat others as you want to be treated. People usually deserve a second chance...wouldn't you like one? Let all toxic people go. This is your year but don't forget why they are not welcome in your life anymore. I recently have done this and it feels AMAZING!

4 Minimalism!

This cannot be said enough. Stop buying EVERYTHING and ANYTHING just because...get rid of the " it will fit one-day" clothing or the "well maybe..." things. Donate, throw out, declutter. It feels amazing. It also is extremely helpful for anxiety, since I have done this my life feels a little easier than it used too.

5 Make a 2019 Bucket List & STICK to IT!

Make this year YOUR year, KICK SOME ASS! Do things you have always wanted, make time for you, for old friends or family, do kind things, make this year something that's more memorable than ever. Make 2019 life worthy and not just Instagram worthy. #yougotthis.

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