7 Simple Ideas to Keep Your Family Peaceful ...


A peaceful family environment is something we all long for and many times believe is impossible. Still, it's important to realize that peace is not as difficult to achieve as it may seem, and there are plenty of simple, creative ways to keep your family peaceful. Let's check out just a few of them.

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Encourage Equal Rights

One of the best tips for keeping your family peaceful is to encourage everyone to feel accepted and “equal” - whether they are your little 3 year-old brother or your uncle who always feels self-important. Equal rights in a family can help avoid a lot of conflict around both trivial and serious topics, especially when you use phrases like “would you like my opinion” instead of trying to impose ideas on others.


Ask for Opinions

We often tend to overreact to the smallest of things. Maybe the house looks untidy before the arrival of an important guest, or you just think your parents might be mad, when they're simply busy or worried about something. Make no assumptions - ask for opinions before judging a situation, regardless of how it may seem at first sight.


Don't Fight Fire with Fire

One of the last things you want to do is hold a grudge and try to shout louder than your family members, causing even more distress. A much more peaceful course of action would be to wait until everyone calms down and then let calmer heads prevail, while using phrases like “I'm sorry you're upset” or “let's just try to find common ground”.


Ask for Help when You Need It

Don't wait for a situation to get serious before you're willing to ask for help. Being too proud and thinking you know what to do better than your family can lead to unwanted conflict. Instead, acknowledge when you have something to learn and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.


Wait for More Information

Patience is an indispensable virtue when it comes to keeping your home peaceful. Some situations may push us to judge without thinking them through, but it's always best to wait and get the whole story before rushing ahead. That way, you can avoid an unwanted outcome or your family members feeling angry due to being treated unfairly.


Mindful Support

Support is the backbone of any family, and exercising it frequently along with an empathic approach can make everyone feel more loved, cared for and accepted. Take some time to really listen and support your siblings, parents and children with their problems, even if they seem trivial. It's the best way to ensure a much closer bond.


Ask for Clarification

Finally, you've probably already been through countless situations when a small, misplaced word has led to a lot of confusion and conflict. Instead of assuming straightaway that a family member may have an intention to hurt you with their words, simply ask “what do you mean by that?” and don't confuse any words they speak when they're hurt or angry with their actual feelings for you.

Although peace can seem very far away at times – especially when your parents or sibling seem to always find something to quarrel about – following these simple ideas can really help. Do you know any other tips that I may have overlooked? Which of the ideas on this list do you find most useful?


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We have a family night once a week when we just have fun and be silly together. It seems to balance out all the stress and arguments of family life. It also helps those family members who don't get along to have a bit of bonding time.

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