11 Signs 🚦 You Are Not 🚫Self-Aware 😳 ...

Signs you are not self-aware are an indication you need to look at yourself when you want to change your life for the better. When we think about happiness and how to achieve it, we often look to external factors in our lives to examine how they make us feel. We look to relationships with friends, family, and partners, we look at the state of our careers, but sometimes we forget to look inside ourselves. Something that can definitely hold a person back from being truly happy is having a real lack of self-awareness. Being self-aware is important for living your life to the full and really understanding your place in the world. Here are eleven big signs you are self aware.

1. Off Balance

No matter what you are doing in your life, there is always a constant sense that you are somewhat off balance, not quite in control of your thoughts and feelings and a little bit detached.

2. Control Emotions

You can’t seem to be able to control your emotions, and this is perhaps because when you try to get introspective, you are unable to connect with exactly why you are feeling the way you are.

3. Avoidance

Sometimes you even go so far as to avoid doing things in order not to feel emotions, because you don’t know how to deal with them when they do rise to the surface.

4. Unresolved

You are carrying a few unresolved issues from your life around with you at all times, and this doesn’t help because inside you are always running away from them.

5. Detached

You are detached from your thoughts and feelings to such a point that is can sometimes feel like you are living someone else’s life and are just a passenger.

6. Conflict

You have to put up with a lot of conflict in your life, probably because you aren’t quite sure how to act and react around people who want to get to know a deeper, more personal side of you.

7. True Path

You are stuck in a rut of feeling like you are not following your true path in life, but at the same time not knowing exactly what that path even is.

8. Unhappy

You are going through an extended period of unhappiness with no visible or tangible reason why. It is a general malaise rather than the consequence of an event or action.

9. Identity Crisis

You don’t really know who you are, as an individual or as a member of wider society. You are still unsure as to where exactly you fit into things.

10. Listening

You tend to prefer to listen to the opinions and directions of others, avoiding being introspective and looking to your own thought process to come up with ideas.

11. Speed

You feel like your life is going by at too great of a speed and you are not in control of it. You feel like a passenger in your own story because you don’t have the self-awareness to take the wheel and steer.